Guitar Assassin Guitar Pick Holder

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An adhesive-free, guitar pick holder that keeps your picks well within arms reach. Using this technology you can have the piece of mind knowing that it is 100% non-reactive to the finish of your instrument.

No Residue what-so-ever. Guaranteed...

Just think... they’ll always be there. Just stick it to your guitar or have it as back up and throw it in your case and forget about it for a while...

Then whenever you need your pick holder just give it a good cleansing and then stick it back on.

They’re not meant to be thrown away. They are meant to stand the test of time.

They are Reusable...

Never have to worry about playing hide n' seek with your guitar picks ever again.

    • Works perfect as a turntable stylus cleaner as well
    • 100% (+) Feedback on Ebay. (Link to Ebay Feedback) do not forget to clear the search on eBay to see all of the testimonials. 
    • Reusable. 
    • Adhesive free leaving no residue.
    • Non-reactive & Non-marking guaranteed. 
    • Water-Proof for washable applications.
    • Elastic/flexible. 
    • Adheres to instrument in seconds.
    • Tunable, customizable to your ideal level of stickiness.

    Also check out the Team's Page and see how everyone else is applying them.

    Make sure you read the instructions on how to apply.