How To Apply Your Micro-Pore Guitar Pick Holder

Now You Can Say Goodbye To Glue, Tape, And... Nails?

Once you have your guitar pick holder, you will want to figure out where you feel comfortable placing Micro-Pore pad on your guitar.


Experiment where you think they should go, both on your guitar and where you place your picks. 

Think about how much of a surface area do you want to cover.

Due to the nature of this technology, its tenacious qualities wont diminish.

Therefore, it retains it's hold indefinitely.

However, if it becomes too dirty, due to build-up of debris, it will start to lose its stickiness.

Do not worry, as this can be reversed by washing your pad with water, to regain it's stickiness.

Simply rub your finger across your Micro-Pore pad with a little water to rub off any unwanted debris, and you will find that it springs right back into action after letting it air dry.

You can also use running water to obtain a more thorough cleansing.

Or get creative... 😏

This is for those who want guitar pick holders for their guitars

Increase or decrease the amount of stickiness on demand!

If you find that the stickiness on the outside facing part of the Micro-Pore pad, that holds your picks in place to be too strong, simply place your finger over the pad to reduce its stickiness.

The trick here is to build up surface debris in order to lower its stickiness in a controlled manner.

It is tune-able

This stuff adheres to many flat surfaces without tools and without damage. It is completely non-reactive to the finish of your instrument and no left over residue what-so-ever.