Guitar Assassin

Our mission is to bypass every musician's frustration by reducing the time of the devastating effect of severing their flow from being in the zone. It is in those crucial moments of surrendering themselves to the higher power of their imagination, where pure creativity hails from, that every musician has a natural affinity for. 


Therefore, we set out to change the world's perspective about the way you stockpile your guitar picks.

To create the perfect guitar pick holder.

And that's exactly what we did.

And of course so we all can just stop reaching for all of those lost picks laying around everywhere.

It's seriously becoming a problem •_•

We're talkin' reprogramming your muscle memory here!

Here at Guitar Assassin we wanted to create something new.

Something way beyond what we had already been doing in the past.

Something that we believe has evolved over the years into something new.

Something that is as weird as realizing it is 2018.

Something as fresh as the day we all heard Rock n' Roll for the first time, or that opening riff that left you paralyzed wondering... How is this possible?

Moments like these don't come too often.

But before you decide to get started today there are a few things that we need to go over.

I want to go over who this setup is not for. 

Number 1

If you're not an action taker. If you're not ready to take action to put yourself out there on the line, in the heat of the moment, who yearns to unfold themselves in front of a screaming audience on stage or where ever you happen to be.

 You need to be ready to take F*ckin' action today.

Number 2

If you don't love your craft enough to be challenged.

To push yourself.

To try.

If you don't love your craft to be disciplined enough to stick with it, who isn't afraid of expressing their inner truth to simple things like playing in front of an audience, trying out new techniques, new licks, new ideas and all of those kinds of things then this isn't for you either.

Because when you get a hold of the Guitar Assassin system...

... When you join our team.

You better be ready to commit yourself to the discipline of pouring your heart and soul into your instrument, whether its on stage, during practice or at home.

Because if you don't really love your craft then...

... What the hell are you even doing here anyways? 

Number 3

As if it wasn't obvious enough already haha.

But if you're solely just a finger picker then what I am about to share with you isn't for you either.

So If you're someone who puts themselves out there on the line.

Someone who loves music enough who isn't afraid of showing their vulnerability within themselves...

... Their truth.

Someone who whole-heartedly loves their art, not to hide it.

Then I think this is the time.

So if that's you let's get started right now.

I'm ready to change your life.

So are you ready?

It's pretty badass.

The way I see it is.

Is that..

It's time for a change when it comes to having the right tools to stockpile your guitar picks.

So here I am telling you that that day, my badass friend, is upon us.

I'm ready to give you the tools that you need and walk this journey with you, so if you're ready to walk it with me let's get started right now, I'm Christo Alessandro and I hope to see you on the inside in just a second.

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